At Advent Hospice Care, Inc. patients are cared for by an interdisciplinary team of professionals.

Meet The Team

Hospice Medical Director collaborates with other members of the hospice team and the patient's primary physician to help manage the patient's discomfort and symptoms.

“Alex was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Josh MargolisFounder of DAF
Director of Nursing DON

Beata Sherman, RN, NP

As a Nurse Practitioner and owner-operator with extensive inpatient and outpatient environment experience, I have understood the importance of compassionate and high-quality care for patients and their families. Hospice care and decision making is often challenging, puzzling and guilt-ridden experience for patients and families. My passion to help those in need has been the driving force for my involvement with Advent Hospice Care. I am committed to providing exceptional care to patients and their families during this challenging time. My background and education as Registered Nurse (RN) and a Nurse Practitioner (NP) has equipped me with the skills necessary to manage complex medical conditions, and my experience as a hospice care Director of Nursing has allowed me to understand the unique needs of patients and families. My extensive expertise and dedication make me a valuable asset to our team, and I am honored to continue making a positive impact on the lives of patients and families I serve.
Medical Oncologist/Hematologist

Fareeha Siddiqui, MD

Fareeha Siddiqui, MD, is a board-certified oncologist and hematologist, specializing in the treatment of wide variety of cancers, including lung, ovarian, prostate and brain cancer, as well as lymphoma and leukemia.

Dr. Siddiqui’s research is focused on the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes and other types of blood cancers and disorders. Her work has been published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine and Blood.

Before joining UC San Diego Health, Dr. Siddiqui served as an oncologist and hematologist at Saint Anne’s Hospital in Massachusetts and as a member of the clinical faculty at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

During her training, Dr. Siddiqui completed a hematology and oncology fellowship with an emphasis in palliative care at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She completed her residency in internal medicine at the University of Illinois and received her medical degree from Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan. She is board certified in hematology and medical oncology.

Dr. Siddiqui provides cancer care at our Encinitas and Vista facilities, in the North County area.

Outside of work, she enjoys scuba diving, traveling, trail biking, theology and the arts.

Registered Nurse

Margarita Lupan

Meet Margarita Lupan, a dedicated and compassionate registered nurse at Advent Hospice Care. With years of experience in nursing, Margarita has dedicated her career to providing the highest quality care to patients in hospice settings.

Margarita’s passion for nursing started at a young age, and she pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Cal State Northridge. After graduation, she began working as a registered nurse in a hospital, where she gained invaluable experience in various specialties, including oncology, critical care, and emergency medicine.

Her passion for caring for patients in their final days led her to pursue a career in hospice care. At Advent Hospice Care, Margarita provides compassionate and individualized care to patients and their families, ensuring that they are comfortable and supported throughout their end-of-life journey.

Margarita’s commitment to patient care extends beyond her work at Advent Hospice Care. She is an active member of several nursing organizations and regularly volunteers her time to provide medical care to underserved communities.

In her spare time, Margarita enjoys horseback riding, hiking, reading, and spending time with her family. Her dedication to nursing and her compassionate approach to patient care make her an invaluable member of the Advent Hospice Care team.

Program Administrator

Nuhi Khachkikyan

Nuhi Khachkikyan a seasoned hospice administrator with over 10 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Nuhi has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of hospice patients and their families, and has dedicated her professional life to ensuring that those needs are met with compassion, skill, and expertise.

Nuhi began her career in hospice care after completing her studies in pedagogical university where she earned her master’s degree in legal studies. She quickly rose through the ranks, taking on increasingly challenging roles in hospice administration and management. Over the years, she has honed her skills in areas such as patient care, staff management, budgeting, and regulatory compliance.

One of Nuhi’s greatest strengths as a hospice administrator is hes ability to build strong relationships with patients and their families. She understands the importance of effective communication and works tirelessly to ensure that patients and families feel heard and valued. Nuhi is also deeply committed to creating a supportive work environment for her staff, knowing that happy employees are essential to providing high-quality care.

Over the course of her career, Nuhi has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the field of hospice care. She is widely respected by her colleagues and peers, and is known for his integrity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

When she’s not working, Nuhi enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and volunteering with local hospice organizations. She believes that hospice care is not just a job, but a calling, and she feels privileged to be able to serve patients and families during some of the most difficult times of their lives.


Ted Stefan

As a chaplain at Advent Hospice Care, my primary role is to provide spiritual support and care to patients and their families during end-of-life journeys.

I hold a degree in divinity or a related field, and I have specialized training in hospice and palliative care. My experience working in healthcare settings has given me a deep understanding of the unique emotional and spiritual needs that patients and families face during this challenging time.

In my role, I work closely with patients, families, and healthcare providers to provide compassionate, non-judgmental support that honors each patient’s individual beliefs, traditions, and values. I offer comfort, guidance, and prayer for patients and their loved ones, and I work to create a safe, welcoming environment that fosters healing and hope.

I am committed to upholding the values of inclusivity, empathy, and respect in all aspects of my work. I believe that every patient and family deserves to have access to spiritual care that is meaningful and relevant to their unique experiences and beliefs. As a chaplain, I am honored to walk alongside patients and their families during this sacred and transformative time, and to help them find peace, comfort, and solace in the face of life’s most difficult challenges.


Our mission is to bring love, joy, and peace into the home of those suffering from a terminal illness. We will help our Patients and their Families cherish the goodness of everyday and appreciate the memories of the past. Through our quality of care and compassion, the hospice team’s “Love in Action” approach will alleviate the suffering and pain of those midst of loss and vulnerability.


Integral components of excellent,
comprehensive end of life care.

Comprehensive services are provided to address the needs of our patients, caregivers, and families, in their home or place of residence regardless of race, age, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, diagnosis, marital status, resuscitation status, availability of a primary caregiver, or ability to pay. Hospice believes that no individual receiving services should feel isolated or alone and that our presence will make a difference to every patient, caregiver and family we meet.


Specialized services focus on pain relief, symptom management, comfort and support for terminally ill patients at home, in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Care is provided by an Interdisciplinary Team of Hospice-trained professionals including Physicians, Registered Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, non-denominational chaplains, Home Aides/ Homemakers, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, and Volunteers. Providing Medications, Durable Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies and Ambulance Services.

Hospice Services

  • Focus is comfort care for patients with life-limiting illnesses.
  • Specialists in pain management and symptom control.
  • Medications, supplies, equipment, services are covered under Medicare for the life-limiting illness.
  • Care is focused on both patients and families.
  • Patients not required to be home bound.
  • On-call and available to make visits 24 hours a day.
  • Bereavement services for 12 months following the patient’s death.
  • Nursing Care
  • Personal Care (bathing, feeding, dressing)
  • Housekeeping and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Spiritual support
  • Social Work services (Emotional, financial, psychosocial)
  • Volunteer services and support
  • Dietary
  • Physician
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy

Volunteer Services

  • According to CFR 418.78
    • 5% of total patient care hours must be provided by volunteers
  • Volunteers
    • Receive orientation
    • May be family members of previous hospice patients (recommend at least a year after their loved one passed)
  • Example Activities Volunteers May Do
    • Reading
    • Friendly visiting
    • Running errands
  • Example Activities Volunteers May Not Do
    • Administer medications
    • Direct patient care
    • Transport patients or families anywhere

Bereavement Services

  • According to CFR 418.64 Counseling Services
    • Requires that hospice provide bereavement services to families/caregivers for up to 12 months following patients’ deaths.  Bereavement counseling also extends to residents and employees of facilities in which patient’s reside.
  • Bereavement
    • Begins on admission
    • A bereavement assessment is completed within 5 days of admission
    • Patients and families are evaluated by the IDG regarding bereavement needs
    • Pre-bereavement counseling is available
    • Families are contacted up to 12 months after death
    • Services may include:
      • Cards, Letters, Phone calls, Support Groups, Visits, Newsletters

Homemaker Services

  • Homemaker Services may be provided by someone contracted or employed to provide homemaker services or they can be provided by other members of the IDG (The most common practice is to have homemaker services provided by the Hospice Aide.)
  • The Homemaker reports all concerns about the patient or family to the member of the IDG who is coordinating homemaker services.
  • The duties of a Homemaker includes the following:
    • Housekeeping (washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc.)
    • Meal Preparation
  • The Homemaker provides services that are:
    • Ordered by the interdisciplinary group
    • Supervised by a member of the IDG
    • Included in the plan of care

Other Services

  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services must be available, and when provided, offered in a manner consistent with accepted standards of practice.
  • PT, OT and ST may be provided as contracted services.
  • Therapy services are provided according to the physician order as well as the POC.
  • Therapists will communicate with the RN Case Manager as well as other members of the IDG, as appropriate, regarding their patient visits and recommendations.

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Hospice is a philosophy and a concept, not a specific place of care. Hospice care is for any person who has terminal illness or when curative treatment is no longer effective.

At Advent Hospice Care, Inc. patients are cared for by an interdisciplinary team of professionals.

Medical Director

Hospice Medical Director collaborates with other members of the hospice team and the patient’s primary physician to help manage the patient’s discomfort and symptoms.

Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Worker provide individual and family counseling to help meet the challenges created by a terminal illness. The social worker also facilitates family communication, arranges support for caregivers, and helps to find financial and legal assistance.

Attending Physician

Attending Physician refers patients to hospice and remains patient’s primary care physician while working as a member of the hospice team.

Hospice Chaplain

Chaplains provides spiritual counselling for people of all faiths, planning service, and serve as a liaison between the family and clergy in the community.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses are educated in palliative care and pain control, they work with patients to establish and maintain comfort as well as quality of life. Their responsibilities also include education of family members to provide better patient care for their loved ones.

Bereavement Counselor

Bereavement Counselors offer a variety of services to the patient’s family to help with understanding of grief.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistants are available to provide patients with bathing, personal and comfort care.

Hospice Volunteer

Hospice Volunteers are kind and compassionate individuals who support patients and loved ones by providing respite care and friendly visits.

History of Hospice


Hospice comes from the word “hospitum” meaning guesthouse.


Hospice concept began in the Middle Ages when religious groups operated resting places for travelers on religious pilgrimages.


Today’s hospice grew out of a movement. Which began in England during the 1960’s.


The first modern hospice, St. Christopher’s, was founded in London, in 1967.


By 1990’s, the hospice benefit was offered to patients living in nursing homes.


In 1983, Medicare began offering a hospice benefit.


The first US hospice began in Connecticut in 1974.